Направи си сам филтър


Компанията Filter Forge пусна новата версия 1.011 за плъгина Filter Forge, предназначена за Photoshop. Плъгинът позволява да се създават собствени филтри.

В даденото обновление е подобрена инсталацията на плъгина под Windows Vista и са коригирани множество грешки.

Списък с ъпдейти, добавки и корекции:
    * Fixed several resource leaks including the one that caused the AppendMenuW bug.
    * Fixed a problem that caused the rendering of thumbnails for preinstalled filters despite the fact that the thumbnails were available in the storage.
    * Fixed the installation of updates under Windows Vista.
    * Fixed an IntSlider bug that resulted in Access Violation 00625E41 error.
    * Fixed a browsing problem in the HDRI Import window.
    * Fixed a problem that resulted in the „Unable to add action to locked undo redo list“ error.
    * Fixed URLs generation on the About panel.
    * Fixed the displaying of long filter names in the „New Filter or Update?“ window in the Submit Wizard.
    * Fixed seamless tiling problems in Worley noises.
    * Improved the loading of files in the OpenEXR format.
    * The position of the last rendered filter in the filter list is now saved correctly.
    * Default compression for saving JPEG files changed from 100% to 98%.

Източник: www.render.ru

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