Inkscape 0.45

Inkscape 0.45

Официално излезе и новата версия на Inkscape. Ето и новостите в нея:

    *  Gaussian blur is the first SVG filter supported by Inkscape. You can blur any object to any extent – yet it remains vector and fully editable. This gives a huge boost to Inkscape as a creative art tool.

    * Display speed and interactivity: not only does Inkscape render faster, but it can now respond to user input before it finished redrawing the screen, which greatly improves the interactivity of the program.

    * History dialog makes it easy to to review your editing session and jump to any step of it, undoing and redoing multiple actions with one click.

    * Several important tool features are added, notably the new selection mode in Node tool and the adjustable rounded caps in Calligraphic pen.

    * Bitmap tracing works better for multi-color traces, sports a redesigned dialog and several new options.

    * Many new extension effects are added, including Color effects and Pattern along path.

    * The Outline mode has got many fixes and improvements, including a keyboard shortcut.

    * Several new commands in Help menu open various Inkscape-related pages in your default browser, making Inkscape reference information more accessible as you work.

    * Dozens of smaller features are added throughout the program, and hundreds of bugs are fixed.

Има и известни подобрения в експорт опциите, като внимание заслужават:
PS/EPS export
There’s a new option to embed the fonts used in the document in the PS or EPS exported file. As of now, this works for Type 1 fonts only, not TrueType. The option is available when performing the export from the GUI as well as from the command line via the –export-embed-fonts option.

AI import/export
 * We only support AI import and export for Adobe Illustrator 8.0 and older. This has been clarified in the Open and Save As lists.

PDF export
Inkscape’s PDF exporter has been improved:
 * New features: bitmap images can be embedded; PDF files can be exported from command line using the –export-pdf parameter.

* Changed behavior: the pointless text to path question is gone.

* Fixed bugs: save failure is now detected, miter limits are now >= 1, PDFs with transparent gradient are now embeddable, eccentric elliptic gradients fixed, dash style inheritance fixed, transparency inheritance fixed.


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