Mask Pro 4

Mask Pro 4

Излезе нова версия на популярният плъгин Mask Pro. Новостите в него:

Additional new features in version 4 include:

    * New Keep/Drop detail view showing users the exact color values selected by the Keep & Drop Highlighters.
    * Support for Wacom Pen Tablets including pressure sensitivity. If a user presses hard with their pen, they will get a hard edge to their mask. If they press lightly, they will get a soft, subtle edge to their mask.
    * Improved Navigator windows allow users to see several views while masking a subject. The different views include a composite mode so users can see the new background appear as they mask allowing them to make immediate decisions on their mask and an Alpha channel view so they can see in black and white (and grey) how their mask will look.

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