QX-Tools Pro 7 за QuarkXPress

QX-Tools Pro 7 за QuarkXPress
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Ъпдейтът на популярния пакет допълнения е съвместим с QuarkXPress 7.  Подобрени са настоящите му възможности и са добавени нови опции.
На сайта на производителя onOne Software можете да се запознаете с чудесно видеопредставяне на действието на продукта.


  • QX-SuperSelect – a dis-contiguous selection tool that provides the ability to choose multiple text selections that are not in a single contiguous selection and then perform a change to the selected text.
  • QX-Underline – allows users to control the underline offset including consideration of descenders.
  • QX-Tips & Tricks – provides users with new tips and tricks for QuarkXPress 7 from QuarkXPress Guru, Jay Nelson.
  • QX-WYSIWYG – provides users with a „What You See Is What You Get“ font menu directly in QuarkXPress 7 enabling users to view fonts in their own typeface.
  • QX-DragNDrop – allows users to place items into a QuarkXPress 7 document via a drag and drop from the Mac OS X Finder.
  • QX-Shortcuts – allows users to create their own keyboard shortcut keys for any command in QuarkXPress 7.

Източник: onOne Software

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